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6 Fuel Saving Tips For Your Business Fleet

6 Fuel Saving Tips For Your Business Fleet

It seems apt to quote a venerable Mancunian when starting this article. Norman Foster, the award-winning architect and philanthropist, summed up the subject succinctly when he said ‘Anything that reduces fuel consumption and cuts down on greenhouse gases is good news.’

Foster is of course correct. Any measures that improve fleet fuel consumption are not only good for the planet but can have a significant impact on business finances. And with a few fuel-saving tips, a business fleet can make real reductions in the fuel consumed and gain all the benefits that can bring.

So, to get you started, here are 6 simple fuel-saving tips that any commercial driving company can use to take a big bite out of their fuel costs.

Driver Training

One of the main contributors to fuel wastage is driver behaviour. Speed, braking, route planning, use of the gears are all factors. Regular training sessions should encourage small changes to these aspects of driving that will reduce fuel usage and cut down harmful emissions. The FORS fuel management guide is a great place to start this process.

Vehicle Maintenance

Well-maintained vehicles are not only a legal requirement they are essential to fuel conservation. Regular vehicle inspections will go a long way to improve fleet fuel consumption. These are just routine maintenance tasks that most will be able to manage. Checking tyre pressures and air filters are simple jobs and highly recommended. Regular servicing and maintaining oil levels are always recommended and ensuring there’s no excess weight being lugged about such as unused roof racks or old pallets.

Fuel Stops

Where you buy fuel is an important consideration. We all at some point have railed against the inflated prices charged at motorway services. Therefore, one of the most straightforward fuel saving tips is to buy fuel at cheaper supermarkets or using a fuel card scheme that offers a discount. Both will give you a literal bigger bang for your fuel bucks.

Route Planning and Timings

Was it Einstein who said: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?" It could equally be the fleet driver sitting on the same stretch of clogged motorway at the same time every day idling away fuel for no good reason. If this is the case, maybe some better planning is in order. Would a different route or amended delivery schedule reduce fuel waste and still serve the client? It’s worth checking and could be a ‘no brainer’ way to improve fleet fuel consumption.


Using telematics technology can give a powerful insight into where fuel costs can be reduced. Analysing real-time data on your fleet can provide invaluable information on both driver and vehicle performance. From there you can plan improvements and interventions and then use the technology to verify effectiveness.

Advanced Vehicles

Investing in greener vehicles will give long-term value. Electric and hybrid trucks will pay for themselves over time and dramatically improve fleet fuel consumption.

Alternatively, you should consider the advances developed by Truckcraft Bodies and our new generation of delivery vehicles fitted with TRAILAR solar technology. These have been proven to lower CO2 emissions and reduce fuel usage by up to 5%. That’s a significant reduction and when combined with our well-designed aerodynamic truck bodies, delivers huge fuel benefits to commercial driving businesses. Indeed, it’s the most effective fuel saving tip we can give.

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Published: Feb 25

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