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Are You A Heavy Goods Driver?

Are You A Heavy Goods Driver?

There are loads of significant advantages to being a commercial driver. The flexible hours, the overtime pay, or visiting new and exciting places both in the UK and abroad. Indeed, many drivers list these parts of the job as the ones they enjoy the most.

Looked at from the outside, these things do look good. There’s no boss continually looking over your shoulder – great! You can listen to your favourite shows on the radio – brilliant. What’s not to like?

And with the continuing advances in commercial vehicles from innovative truck body builders, the job’s becoming increasingly easier and more comfortable.

The Hard Yards

Of course, as with so many things in life, there is a downside. Notwithstanding the traffic jams, road works and poor weather there are some personal disadvantages to manage. Commercial driving is a lonely job requiring drivers to spend many hours on their own. They spend lots of time away from home and family, and that can be particularly tough. It takes a flexible and centred mindset to ensure the job doesn’t get you down.

Fuelling Up

Then there’s a commercial driver’s diet. With a smorgasbord of roadside caffs, motorway services and always-open fast food joints, low-quality food is everywhere. Little wonder this is a subject that worries many drivers. A recent study by WMB Logistics estimated that an average driver gets through nearly 4000 calories of not-so-healthy grub a day. That’s nearly double the recommended daily calorie intake. Phew!

This feast includes crisps, chocolate, sugary drinks, takeaways, and microwave ready meals. Then there’s the classic ‘Full English’ a dish that’s as patriotic as it is fattening. In all, that’s a massive dollop of dodgy grub and is why some drivers are piling on up to 12 additional pounds a year.

Maybe that’s why truck body builders like Truckcraft Bodies are always looking for ways to make their vehicles more spacious and user-friendly?

Fuel Efficiency

When you think driving is a job that is mostly sedentary with drivers spending long hours sitting down this, combined with a poor diet, is a recipe for disaster. Clearly, this situation is unsustainable and could lead to serious health problems for drivers later in life.

The solution to this weighty problem is simple. It involves making some small incremental changes.

Replace high-fat snacks with healthier fruit or nuts. Swap water or juice for fizzy drinks. And wherever possible, prepare your own food, so you know what’s in it and can control the calories. The overall trick is to be more mindful about the food you eat. It may seem a little more effort, but the long-term effects on a driver’s health and well-being can be significant.

Truck Body Builders Care

The team here at Truckcraft Bodies really do care about these issues. As responsible truck body builders, we do our utmost to design products that help drivers do their jobs efficiently and safely. We want you to be comfortable in our vehicles and enjoy using them.

However, to make the most of our range of state of the art truck bodies drivers, perhaps, need to take a little more care of themselves.

And that starts with a better diet!

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Published: Feb 07

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