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Driving Driver Diversity

Driving Driver Diversity

Be honest. If you were asked to describe a typical HGV driver, the vast majority would say it’s a middle-aged male, slightly scruffy and too fond of a fried breakfast. It may be a cliché, but one thing’s sure, few would have included a woman in their thinking.

To be fair, you wouldn’t be far wrong. Recent research into gender equality logistics shows that today there are around 2200 female HGV drivers working in the transport supply chain. That’s only 2% of the total workforce. And it doesn’t get much better in head office where only 25% of senior managers or directors are women.

Some might argue the nature of the role is unattractive to female applicants and the costs to enter the industry are prohibitive. But a recent Twitter poll showed that 79% of women would be happy to work in the logistics supply chain and would be confident to drive a 44-tonne truck.

The Benefits Of Gender Equality Logistics

It seems the supply chain sectors are missing a trick. Industrial research consistently shows that having a diverse workforce has clear commercial benefits. Companies who actively embrace diversity can see a 40% better return on sales, along with an extra 50% return on equity.

Positive Discrimination?

When looking to address gender equality logistics firms are now taking the issue seriously. However, using short-term solutions like the introduction of positive discrimination policies are not considered sustainable approaches.

Bis Henderson Recruitment recently published a white paper that included research from supply chain firms, that confirmed this conclusion. Their view is that roles should be filled based on skills and not gender. It’s a position well summarised by Bethany Fovargue, a former member of the Women in Logistics steering committee who said:

“Positive discrimination is wrong; nobody wants to be the token woman. The thinking shouldn’t be ‘our board is 100% men, we need 25% women’. The business should be questioning the culture and then changing that culture; that’s where you start getting value in having diverse boards.”

A Diverse Supply Chain

To promote gender equality, logistics firms need to think more creatively and look for ways to help applicants of all types into the industry, not just based on the need to meet quotas. Better training, perhaps funded by Government, increased use of supply chain and recruitment technology and more welcoming workplace cultures all have a part to play.

One thing’s sure, with huge numbers of driver vacancies, the supply chain sector needs to act quickly to become more attractive to a diverse workforce that includes women. It’s an exercise that won’t just be about corporate box-ticking; it’ll be an economic necessity.

Proud To Be Diverse

As a responsible employer, Truckcraft has always maintained an equal opportunities approach to our staffing and corporate culture. We firmly believe this has contributed to our industry success and in the development of our world-class range of delivery vehicles and products.

We also sincerely hope that our trucks and vans are in use by a diverse range of drivers enjoying the vehicle’s unique design while carving out a great career in the supply chain industry.

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Published: Jan 23

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