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DVSA Has No Appetite For Smart Tachos

DVSA Has No Appetite For Smart Tachos

If technology gives us anything, it’s convenience. Information is always at our fingertips. Entertainment is just a click away. There’s little that can’t be delivered to our door just by firing up an app. We only have to say ‘Alexa’, ‘Siri’, ‘Google’ and great things happen. It’s incredible, really.

Smart technology is everywhere, and it’s changing consumers’ lives for the better. However, it’s not a consistent picture. We recently reported on the tech’ developments in the logistics sector and the reluctance of firms to implement these advances even though it would dramatically transform the industry.

Now it seems the DVSA is also shunning new technology specifically in the area of smart tachos.

A Not So Delicious Smart Tacho

Under EU regulations, it’s become mandatory to fit a smart tacho to all new trucks. This technology allows traffic enforcement with the right equipment to undertake remote smart tacho checks. It’s estimated this will save thousands of hours of roadside checks, ensuring only drivers who indicate tacho contraventions are stopped for further enquiries.

When you learn that in 2018 the DVSA carried out 89,568 drivers’ hours checks and issued 4,759 prohibitions, smart tachos checks have the potential to offer substantial efficiency gains.

It’s equally surprising to learn that the DVSA has decided not to invest in the technology required to monitor smart tachos preferring to wait until the 2034 deadline for a mandatory rollout.

Gordon MacDonald, DVSA’s head of enforcement policy, commented: “Our enforcement staff already have a number of tools to very effectively target tachograph manipulation and drivers’ hours offences.”

Technology Glitches

The RHA has expressed disappointment at the DVSA’s stance. Logistics firms investments to comply with the new regulations is not being matched by the DVSA developing the tech required to undertake smart tacho checks. As Tom Cotton, the RHA’s head of licensing and infrastructure policy said:

“Our members have invested in this technology to become compliant with these new regulations, so why is DVSA not prepared to show the same commitment?”

The decision could be as a result of the technology glitches that the DVSA have experienced lately. They’ve had problems collecting HGV excise duty and around the uploading of driver CPC records. It’s perhaps the DVSA having to deal with these more urgent gremlins that are delaying developments of smart tacho technology.

Go Large With A Smart Tacho

While the DVSA’s decision is disappointing, it doesn’t mean investments in smart tachos are a waste of money. They are useful in EU jurisdictions where enforcement is using up-to-date kit. Also, there are helpful features in smart tachos that include better security, enhanced global positioning data and third-speed trace to aid in the detection of ‘cabotage’ and driver hours contraventions.

And when the DVSA finally get up to speed with smart tacho technology, the logistics industry will already be well prepared.

Truckcraft Tech’

Research and development plays a big part in our work here at Truckcraft. Our team design vehicles that meet all legal requirements and incorporate our unique innovations. Clients are assured that our products will always comply with statutory regulations and have the right kit installed, including smart tacho technology where required.

And unlike the DVSA, we embrace new technology as and when it’s available. Truckcraft will always offer our clients exceptional vehicles that make the best use of cutting-edge best tech’. Our vehicles make drivers’ lives more comfortable and more convenient and promote on-time, every-time deliveries.

We’re Truckcraft Bodies, and we’re always ahead of the curve.

For more information on Truckcraft’s tech’-enabled range of delivery trucks and vans, please contact the Truckcraft Bodies sales team on 0161 304 9404. Alternatively, email or

Published: Oct 30

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