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East Midlands’ Drivers Bring Home The Bacon

East Midlands’ Drivers Bring Home The Bacon

A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay. How often have you heard that saying? It would depend on your definition of ‘fair’, of course, and that will be different for every one of us based on what we do and how much we are paid. It’s also said: all things are relative, which would imply other factors will always have a part to play.

To demonstrate this point, a recent study by consumer research site NimbleFins has taken a scientific approach to HGV driver wages. Their investigation has found that pay rates and living standards are strongly influenced by where you work. They based their research on 2018 data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) using it to rank the financial circumstances of HGV drivers regionally.

And they have concluded that HGV drivers have a better standard of living if they work in the East Midlands.

Crunching The Numbers

Nimblefins devised a simple formula to rank HGV driver wages. They contrasted pay levels to the cost of living by dividing the average pay by typical household expenses. In doing this, they were able to understand how HGV driver wages compared to the cost of living region by region. Using this approach, they found HGV drivers in the East Midlands came out top by earning an average annual salary of £30,496.

HGV drivers in London earn an average of £31,110 slightly higher than East Midlanders. However, when you account for the relative cost of living, London’s HGV driver’s wages translate into lower living standards.

Job Density

The study also looked at job density. That is the number of available HGV driving jobs per thousand workers. The underlying idea being the ability for HGV drivers to maintain living standards in the future due to job availability and wage competition. Again, the East Midlands came out on top with 6.4 jobs per thousand compared with only 1.6 per thousand for London.

Using the same metrics, the study ranked HGV driver wages for each region as follows.

  • West Midlands ranked #2 for living standards with HGV driver wage averaging £29,567 and a job density of 5.8
  • Yorkshire and Humber came a close third with average salaries of £28,923, with a 7.4 job density but more disadvantageous living costs
  • London ranked at position #9
  • In position #10 is the South West with £27,934 average HGV driver wages and a job density of 5.8 per thousand
  • Worst ranked was South East England, which, despite a higher average wage of £30,274 had a job density of 4.4 and a more pronounced gap between pay and cost of living.

Erin Yurday, NimbleFins chief executive officer, summarised the study by saying:

"Data shows that the East Midlands is the best region for HGV drivers. On top of a local economy dependent upon industries like manufacturing, food processing and agriculture that relies on road transport, the East Midlands offers drivers the best combination of high pay, strong job availability and a lower cost of living.”

Useful Insight

The Truckcraft team always find this kind of information useful in understanding our market and the circumstances under which our clients are working. We’ll use Nimblefin’s data to inform our marketing and business strategy going forward.

As important, we hope all drivers no matter where they’re based have the option of using a Truckcraft vehicle in their work. Given the levels of comfort and user-friendly features we build into our products, a Truckcraft van will undoubtedly contribute to their overall standard of both working and living.

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Published: Dec 02

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