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Food FORS Thought

Food FORS Thought

It’s easy to be caught up in our day-to-day work. We all swim around in our goldfish bowls just getting on with what we need to do. And while that’s all very well, it’s often a good idea to take some time out to look at the bigger picture. That’s why events like the FORS conference 2019 is a great way to get up to speed with the topics affecting the logistics sector and get some valuable insight on the central issues that FORS members are facing.

The FORS conference 2019 is the fourth such gathering and has become the must-attend event for the road transport industry. The conference offers FORS members the chance to engage in interactive debates and hear from experts and industry stakeholders.

The National Conference Centre in Solihull hosted The FORS conference 2019 in late October. The organisers were keen to promote full engagement, including the use of interactive technology such as electronic polling and lively Q&A sessions. This meant that attendees were able to make their views known and make a real contribution to the proceedings.

The Big Issues

It’s fair to say the content covered by the FORS conference 2019 was wide-ranging and relevant. The agenda included many of the subjects that we’ve discussed in our blogs in previous months, including environmental protection, the use of technology and legislative changes.

The debates focused on the themes of Safer, Smarter, Greener. These ideas underpin a FORS membership that aims to reduce the environmental impacts and associated costs that come with working in the logistics industry.

BigChange director Jo Godsmark oversaw proceedings keeping the FORS conference 2019 on track introducing keynote speakers that included Professor Geoff Clarke from AECOM who hosted a panel discussion on alternative fuels. During this discussion, an audience poll showed that 19% of firms in attendance had adopted electric vehicles in their fleet.

Head of Customer and Communications at Kier Highways Natalie Geraghty, discussed the critical matter of driver mental health. She commented: “When it comes to mental wellbeing, we shouldn’t be competitive; we should be sticking together – just as we do with safety. We should all be tackling these difficult issues in the same way.”

Safety First

A significant area of debate at the FORS conference 2019 was that of safety and how the logistics sector can promote safer working for both members and society. This vital issue is central to the FORS mission. As John Hix, FORS director said:

“Safety is always at the heart of FORS, and we know our members are fully committed to achieving and maintaining safety standards far beyond the legal minimum requirements. We hope the event has emphasised to our members the importance of greater efficiency to help reduce emissions and deliver climate protection.”

A Successful Event

The FORS conference 2019 was a big success. Attendees found the content engaging and the ability to network with industry colleagues invaluable. Karla Harding, from Simply Waste Solutions, commented:

“I am deeply impressed by the focus on efficiency and innovation. It feels like the industry is really trying to improve itself and that FORS is playing a key role in this. We will definitely be coming back.”

What’s equally impressive is that the themes discussed align precisely with the work the Truckcraft team are doing. Indeed, our new generation of delivery vehicles hits all the right notes. It’s a safe, green and smartly designed vehicle that uses advanced technology that promotes driver welfare. And that’s exactly what the FORS conference 2019 was all about.

It’s great to know we’re a company creating premium products that are at the cutting edge of our industry!

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Published: Nov 19

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