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Low Entry Luton Range

Low Entry Luton Range

It’s often said one of the few products you can tell what it is just by the shape is the classic Coca Cola bottle. The distinctive form has become so ingrained into our consumer culture that it’s now instantly and universally recognisable. It’s an idea built on many years of marketing and product promotion.

In the commercial vehicle industry, there’s probably only one truck that everyone recognises as a ubiquitous van used for all kinds of deliveries. The only issue is that some may not know it’s called a Luton van. It’s an enormously versatile truck that powers the delivery of millions of tons of goods every year in the UK.

The Truckcraft Luton Range

Truckcraft Bodies have been proud to supply premium Luton truck bodies for many years. We have many clients who have enjoyed our superior quality Luton trucks for their businesses and have benefitted from years of excellent service from their vehicles.

At Truckcraft Bodies, we supply all our Luton range in a user-friendly low-entry height of 1940/2200/2500mm (internal height) to allow for ease of loading and unloading and to promote safe driver usage.

Then there are our Luton vans fitted with TRAILAR solar technology that has been proven to reduce running costs and emissions by supplementing the van’s systems with solar generated power.

The Right Luton Van For Your Business

To ensure you get the correct van for your business, we have branded our Luton range as follows. You’ll find we have a Luton truck body format for every type of delivery need.

  • T Craft LE Luton – Standard low-entry Luton useful for any number of deliveries in all kinds of environments.
  • T Craft LE Luton S – Low-entry Luton with TRAILAR solar technology designed to reduce running costs and take the strain off the base vehicle’s electrical systems
  • T Craft LE Freezar – Low-entry freezer body fitted with TRAILAR solar technology that provides power to the refrigeration systems and reduces the need for overnight charging at a depot
  • T Craft LE Chillar – Low-entry chiller body with TRAILAR solar technology. Same as the Freezar truck body and perfect for the delivery of low-temperature ambient goods and pharmaceuticals
  • T Craft LE Hybrid S – Low-entry fridge freezer with TRAILAR solar technology. A truly versatile truck with both freeze and chill capability all benefitting from solar-assisted systems

Boxing Clever

With such a comprehensive and versatile range of Luton vans, you can be sure that Truckcraft Bodies can build and supply the right type for your business. And with additional fuel and emissions-saving features, you can be confident it’s a vehicle that makes commercial and financial sense.

That’s why investing in one of our superb Luton Box Van range really is boxing clever.

For more information on our Luton van range, please contact the Truckcraft Bodies sales team on 0161 304 9404. Alternatively, email or

Published: May 15

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