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Lower CO2 Emissions And Save Up To 5% On Fuel Efficiency

Lower CO2 Emissions And Save Up To 5% On Fuel Efficiency

We can’t ignore the growing evidence. Climate change is affecting every one of us in some small way. And the effects on our planet are becoming alarmingly apparent. The news regularly tells us of the ongoing impacts of global warming on the oceans, on our wildlife, our rainforests and the Arctic.

It’s becoming worrying, and it’s clear we all have to do something to make a difference. To try to change the path we’re on.

This is why Truckcraft Bodies are taking a leading stance in the commercial vehicle industry. As an innovative company, we are continually looking for ways to help the transport sector to become a good global neighbour and save money for your business.

Our Partnership With TRAILAR

TRAILAR is a leading player in developing solar products for the commercial vehicle industry. They produce technology used by truck body builders to provide a solar option for their commercial vehicles. TRAILAR’s products can provide power for internal and external systems such as refrigeration, temperature control and vehicle lighting.

Cutting Edge Solar Technology

TRAILAR’s product consists of an ultra-thin solar matting applied permanently and securely to a vehicle’s roof panel. This creates a large area for solar energy collection. Once in place, energy is routed into a charge controller that supplements the truck’s battery and alternator systems.

It’s a pioneering and practical approach that has the potential to bring considerable benefits to the commercial vehicle industry.

The Benefits Are Clear

By using natural light to supplement a truck’s internal power systems, there are clear benefits that commercial body builders can leverage. Independent testing has shown TRAILAR’s systems lower annual fuel consumption by over 5%. That’s a significant fuel efficiency saving for a busy transport business.

In turn, this helps to lower CO2 emissions by 4 tonnes every year. As a boon to running costs, the reduced strain on the truck’s electrical components helps to reduce vehicle breakdowns and minimise ongoing maintenance costs. Also, extended battery life will considerably reduce the number of call-outs further cutting overall running expenses.

Reaping The Rewards

As reported recently, Truckcraft Bodies are embracing the advantages that TRAILAR’s solar technology offers. Our development of a 3.5 tonne, refrigerated vehicle will be of significant commercial advantage to the food and pharmaceutical sectors, and we look forward to the launch shortly.

As important is that TRAILAR’s solar systems can be retrofitted to your existing truck fleet meaning extended vehicle life, reliability and a reduction in running and maintenance costs. Overall a sensible and sound investment.

The message is clear. As responsible commercial body builders, Truckcraft Bodies are embracing these exciting developments to offer innovative products to our clients that have clear advantages not only to their business but for the environment too. In short, it’s the right thing to do!

For more information or a demonstration of this technology, please contact the Truckcraft Bodies sales team on 0161 304 9404. Alternatively, email or

Published: Nov 28

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