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A New Generation of Delivery Vehicles

A New Generation of Delivery Vehicles

Greater Manchester’s Truckcraft Bodies are delighted to have collaborated with TRAILAR to develop a new generation of delivery vehicles. As commercial body builders committed to innovation and ongoing product development, the collaboration with TRAILAR will result in a unique, low-entry, 3.5-ton refrigerated vehicle.

The management team at Truckcraft Bodies have identified a market niche for an environmentally friendly truck designed for use in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. The new platform incorporates several novel features that promote ease of use, fuel efficiency and reliability.

Building on their reputation as truck body builders who make attractive, aerodynamic vehicles Truckcraft Bodies’ new product adds significant new features that give the vehicles a distinct competitive edge.

The new low entry vehicle incorporates a watertight, vented load space for efficient packing, temperature control, and driver use. Truckcraft Bodies Sales Director Glen Pinder is particularly proud of the truck body builder’s new approach to the onboard refrigeration systems. With this technology, he believes the need for overnight charging at a depot could soon become a thing of the past.

Truckcraft Bodies partnership with TRAILAR allows them to install a groundbreaking mobile solar support system. This environmentally friendly approach allows the truck’s on-board refrigeration to be solar powered. The light will continuously charge the system and substantially reduce the reliance on the hydrocarbons that are used by other commercial body builders.

Aaron Thomas, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of TRAILAR, explains the significance of this move.

“Our primary focus has been on the heavy fossil fuel vehicle market. Therefore this is an exciting opportunity to explore how the system and all its benefits can support an alternative vehicle type and refrigeration system.”

There are other advantages too. As a low entry vehicle, it is very light weighing only 2456kg with a payload capacity of 1044kg. Both drivers using the truck and company accountants managing running costs will see the clear benefits.

Installation of the lightweight GAH SA50C refrigeration unit ensures a maximized payload while maintaining the optimal temperature required for transporting food and pharmaceuticals. Better yet, this is an innovative product designed and built in Britain. On launch, GAH’s team of highly trained engineers will maintain the refrigeration units.

Further testing is underway with the Truckcraft Bodies and TRAILAR teams measuring the truck’s benefits around fuel efficiency, ease of maintenance, and environmental credentials. These will be announced once they have been accurately determined.

This is an exciting project for Truckcraft Bodies and its development partners. They look forward to updating new and future clients as the project successfully concludes. Come back for further updates in the coming months.

For more information on this product or a demonstration, please contact the Truckcraft Bodies sales team on 0161 304 9404. Alternatively, email or

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Published: Nov 15

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