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No Need To Burn Old Rubber?

No Need To Burn Old Rubber?

How often have you read an editorial in a newspaper telling you something is bad for you? That by continuing a particular behaviour or eating specific foods you’re putting yourself in danger. Oh dear, you think I’ll stop doing that. Then, soon after, another piece comes along that says the exact opposite leaving you wondering what’s correct, or otherwise.

In the modern age, the notion of concrete facts seems to be breaking down. And it’s not limited to the significant issues of the day. You might have read some of our comments on the up-and-coming 10-year-old tyre ban and the reasons for this new old tyre law.

It all sounds perfectly sensible, but now it seems the Road Haulage Association (RHA) have taken a different view.

Taking A Rubber To The Assumptions

It’s not to say that the RHA has a problem with the idea of tyre safety and the needs for a new old tyre law. This influential organisation sees the proposed legislation as something of a curate’s egg. The RHA supports an old tyre ban for HGV steered axles, but not necessarily a move to ban tyres over ten years old on all trucks and trailers.

The RHA questions the reasons used to support a 10-year-old tyre ban and describes some of the evidence to be “questionable”. For example, the consultation document, Banning Tyres Aged Ten Years or Older did not consider the maintenance and conditions of the tyres that caused the fatal accidents that prompted the development of the legislation.

Foreign Rubber

The RHA also makes a fair point concerning non-UK lorries and trailers when delivered to the UK. How can UK hauliers know that when they collect foreign trailers from ports, they’ll have complaint tyres? It would be time-consuming to check and could cause delays if drivers find that their assigned trailers would make them subject to prosecutions related to a 10-year-old tyre ban.

Retread Carefully

RHA’s conclusions offer an element of nuance on the idea of a blanket ban on old tyres and the related compliance requirements. For example, the RHA questions the proposed prohibition on fitting retreaded tyres of any age on HGV steered axles. They make the reasonable point that retreaded tyres supplied in the UK are required by law to meet the same standards as if provided as new. Indeed the DfT’s consultation document acknowledges the lack of evidence that retreaded old tyres made to existing UK safety standards are any less safe than first life tyres.

The RHA’s central theme is the legislation fails to take into account the notion of tyre care and the impact that proper maintenance can have on the long term safety of old tyres. They state:

“throughout the consultation and the impact assessment, the most serious problem relating to tyre use has been ignored –namely the condition of the tyre and how it is looked after and maintained.”

Common Sense Is Key

The team here at Truckcraft are interested in all aspects of vehicle safety. We build our vehicles to be both safe and user-friendly, and we’re always happy to offer advice on how to keep our vans and trucks in tip-top condition. The best guidance we can offer is that our clients properly maintain their vehicles, including the tyres, so they give excellent service and, most importantly, remain compliant with any new old tyre laws.

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Published: Oct 07

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