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Pay-Per-Mile Charging For London Could Boost Freight Efficiency

Pay-Per-Mile Charging For London Could Boost Freight Efficiency

We wouldn’t blame you for feeling confused and maybe even frustrated about the growing number of clean air zones (CAZ) that are developing throughout the UK. Not only do they have the potential to have a severe financial impact on the delivery sector, but it’s also that they’re all so different in scope and emphasis.

Each scheme has its own unique charging regime. Some only affect specific vehicles, and most have different operating times and geographical spread. For a national logistics firm, this represents a real headache in planning efficient schedules. For example, by 2025, London’s ULEZ will comprise of 5 separate charging schemes.

And when you consider that nearly 50% of current vehicles are not CAZ compliant, it’ll make for a financial bonanza for CAZ administrators.

The Green Light Report

There is, perhaps, another way as proposed by the Centre For London think tank. In their recent Green Light report, they believe that pay-per-mile charging could be a fairer way to manage congestion, emissions and impact on business in the London area.

They call the proposal ‘City Move’. By using on-road technology and a dedicated app, drivers in London can plan the most efficient route through the city, avoiding the most congested and therefore, most expensive roads.

It will be a boon to freight companies who will be able to more effectively plan their delivery routes in order to avoid additional costs on routes where pay-per-mile charges apply. Implemented well, it should make deliveries much more efficient with fewer delays due to unforeseeable congestion.

City Move’s Wider Benefits

The Green Light report outlines the benefits that a pay-per-mile charging scheme would bring to London’s road users.

- It would be more equitable than the flat rate ULEZ. The scheme would charge incrementally for individual journeys with an emphasis on the comparable environmental impact of the travel. It gives drivers better choices including public transport alternatives.

- It has the potential to bring more significant benefits than the ULEZ offering up to a fifth better impact on air pollution in the Capital.

- Reduced congestion will make for a pleasant driving experience in London, allowing for better management of road maintenance activity.

- A less polluted city. City Move would make London a more pleasant environment for everyone, promoting health and enhanced lifestyles for London’s urban population.

Clear Thinking May Mean Cleaner Air

The Truckcraft team have been tracking the clean air agenda for some time now. With increasing dismay, we might add. However, the Green Light report and pay-per-mile charging look like well-thought-out ideas. Combined with the use of CAZ friendly vehicles, this approach could well be a way to balance the needs of the delivery sector while protecting urban populations.

Let’s hope it’s taken seriously and gains some traction before the increasing number of CAZ’s drive the delivery industry to distraction.

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Published: Jun 26

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