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Renault’s New Pro+ Master Range

Renault’s New Pro+ Master Range

Any decent builder will tell you if you build on weak foundations, you’re going to get an unstable structure. Clearly, that’s not a good situation. And it’s a notion that applies in many areas of our lives including the truck bodies sector.

We believe that a great vehicle conversion needs to start with solid engineering. Build-quality that’s able to support the truck body and offer unwavering service. A truck foundation that’s match-ready for when the vehicle goes to work and for many years after.

Solid Foundations From Renault

As an accredited conversions supplier to Renault, the Truckcraft Bodies team are very impressed by the new Renault Pro+ Master Range. These have always been excellent truck body bases, and we have used them for our curtain sider vans for several years.

The Renault Pro+ Master 2019 revisions bring added quality, aesthetic appeal and enhanced engineering to this ever-reliable truck body base. As such, they are a boon to commercial body builders looking to create conversions that offer dependable service to their clients.

French Versatility

The new Renault Pro+ Master Range is remarkably versatile with a wide range of conversion options available for commercial body builders. These include welfare vehicles, ambulances, temperature controlled vans, construction and delivery vehicles. There are even electric versions that will be especially appealing to companies who will regularly encounter the growing number of UK clean air zones.

An ever-present stalwart of the conversion range is the Luton box van, the ubiquitous and steadfast workhorse of the commercial delivery sector. What would we do without this tough and roomy truck body conversion?

An Accredited Conversion

The Truckcraft team are proud to be one of Renault’s accredited conversion specialists. We are one of only a few companies in the commercial body builders sector accorded this recognition. As such, we have built great experience of working with Renault vehicles as part of our high-spec’ truck bodies portfolio.

We’re looking forward to working with the new Renault Pro+ Master trucks, adding new conversions to our range and creating high-end commercial vehicles for our clients. Naturally, this will include the good old Luton van!

Guaranteed Reliability

The Renault ‘Business Commitment’ guarantees the Renault Pro+ Master Range. This offers a high standard of service and a promise as to the reliability of their commercial vehicles. Add to this the unique warranty Truckcraft Bodies provide for our conversions, that exactly match Renault’s, and you’re in great shape.

This means owners can get on with their work safe in the knowledge their Renault Pro+ Master vehicle has them covered. Ready to drive their business forward on the firmest of Renault-quality foundations.

For more information on our Renault Pro+ Master conversions, please contact the Truckcraft Bodies sales team on 0161 304 9404. Alternatively, email or

Published: Mar 06

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