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Sheffield Joins The Clean Air Party

Sheffield Joins The Clean Air Party

There’s an old and worn-out saying about buses; wait for one and three arrive at the same time. You’ve probably heard it many times. And yet, when applied to the ongoing clean air agenda, it seems remarkably apt. Yes, buses are a prime contributor to poor quality air and yes, when one clean air zone consultation is announced, several others arrive at the same time.

So, following from Manchester’s recent CAZ announcements the Sheffield Clean Air Zone consultation is also now underway. And the clock is ticking.

All We Need Is the Air That We Breathe

Like Manchester, Sheffield City Council is running a public consultation on their CAZ proposals. Sheffield has developed proposals to introduce a ‘daily Clean Air charge’. It will target the most polluting vehicles that access the city centre, and the zone extends out to the city’s inner ring road.

Like Manchester, the levy won’t apply to private vehicles, but buses, lorries (HGVs), taxi and private hire vehicles and vans (LGVs) that don’t meet minimum emission standards are all included. For example, polluting HGV’s can expect a wince-inducing daily charge of £50 to enter the Sheffield CAZ. The plans are expected to be in place by 2021.

The consultation timeframe opened on 1st July and runs to 25th August. Sheffield City Council is billing the consultation as an open conversation. Councillor Bob Johnson at Sheffield City Council said:

“This is the start of a vitally important conversation for the city, and we want everyone to have their say on the clean air zone and the support that is available.”

Stakeholders can find the Sheffield clean air zone questionnaire on this website, and it’s by no means limited to Sheffield residents and businesses so everyone who will be impacted by this CAZ can add their views.

Money, Money, Money

Again, like Manchester, Sheffield council are seeking government funding to develop the Sheffield clean air zone. A fund of £50m is intended to help affected Sheffield drivers to upgrade their vehicles to be CAZ complaint.

To be fully compliant vehicles entering Sheffield from 2021 will need to be low emission and eco-friendly either electric, petrol-hybrid, hydrogen or gas-powered. It’s expected buses, coaches, vans and HGVs will be electric or have very modern diesel engines.

A Rocky Road Ahead?

The similarities to Manchester’s proposals are remarkable. Both cities are taking broadly the same approach. Both authorities, it seems, understand the potential impacts of a CAZ on residents and businesses and have designed their proposals to minimise economic damage.

In Manchester’s case, their government funding request was rejected with only a fraction of the money applied for being made available. It will be interesting to see if the Sheffield clean air zone gets the same treatment from Environmental Minister Therese Coffey. Will Sheffield also be requested to curtail their funding? We’ll soon see.

Get Ahead Of The Game

Whatever happens, a CAZ of some form will be implemented in Sheffield. And we can be sure the delivery sector will be asked to cough up their contribution. Unless that is, they have invested in vehicles like our TRAILAR enabled trucks and vans.

Before we know it, 2021 will be here, so don’t get caught out. Make some sage decisions now. One of those choices should definitely be a call to the Truckcraft team to discuss how our innovative products can help you with your CAZ-related worries.

For more information on our CAZ-friendly delivery trucks and vans, please contact the Truckcraft Bodies sales team on 0161 304 9404. Alternatively, email or

Published: Aug 19

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