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Small Is Beautiful for eComm Scale-Ups

Small Is Beautiful for eComm Scale-Ups

There are some familiar maxims among business people. ‘Think big’ they’ll say; ‘the ‘bigger the better’ time to be a ‘big cheese’. When you look at eComm behemoths like Amazon with its vast warehouses and all-encompassing distribution network, it would be easy to think that if you’re not ‘big’ you may as well give up and go home.

However, before you go, it’s worth having a look at the work from Warehouse Management System (WMS) provider SnapFulfil who have identified the new and exciting trend of micro-warehousing. An innovation in the logistics sector that has the potential for smaller eComm firms to offer the same fulfilment quality as Amazon by using a much more elegant solution.

Micro Warehouses?

On first reading, this seems to be a contradiction. Warehouses to most people are traditionally cavernous buildings capable of storing and distributing huge amounts of goods. A warehouse is enormous, right? It stands to reason.

However, Snapfulfil has observed eComm firms making use of an extensive network of smaller ‘micro-fulfilment’ facilities located in high population centres that are much closer to the customer base. Using this network, along with a well-designed WMS like SnapFulfil, allows smaller eComm firms to provide a responsive service rivalling that of much larger organisations.

Problem Solving With Technology

The combination of micro-warehousing and cloud-based fulfilment software is an excellent example of technology enabling new and novel approaches to ‘the last mile’ problem. This, in logistics circles, is perceived as a persistent and intractable problem that hinders a truly customer-responsive logistics industry. As Tony Dobson, MD of SnapFulfil, explains about micro-warehousing.

“It’s not only intuitive but engineered to scale in line with the ebbs and flows of online retailing, so avoiding the need for expensive system upgrades. Moreover, it uses rich functionality and real-time management software to help e-retailers optimise inventory, space and labour across all these fulfilment centres.”

Flexibility And Scalability

For smaller eComm businesses who adopt micro-warehousing, the benefits are clear. It allows them to be highly efficient and gives the ability to flex-up their fulfilment operations as required, such as at Christmas. And the option to scale back at times of reduced demand.

Cloud-based WMS solutions can now offer precise inventory control and the efficient allocation of consignments to be close to the end-user. They can do this even over the complex granular network that underpins this developing approach. In short, micro-warehousing could be a game-changer for smaller firms, cutting their cost base, rationalising fulfilment, speeding up delivery and crucially, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Just Add A TruckCraft Van

Micro-warehousing is a remarkable innovation for the logistics sector and will be a massive boon to smaller firms looking to serve their clients in a ‘big firm’ manner. All an ambitious eComm firm needs is a fleet of beautifully constructed vans to convey their goods to their delighted clients. And there’s no better vehicle than one made and supplied by the Truckcraft team.

And to buck the trend slightly, we can assure growing eComm firms there nothing ‘micro’ about the capabilities of a Truckcraft van, far from it.

Get in touch to discuss how our range of trucks or vans is the perfect choice to service your micro-warehouse network. You can contact the Truckcraft Bodies sales team on 0161 304 9404.

Published: Mar 16

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