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Smile, You’re On In-Cab Camera

Smile, You’re On In-Cab Camera

There can be no doubt that technology is having a significant impact on the delivery and haulage sectors. Indeed innovative developments are already transforming the whole of the delivery supply chain. Mobile tech’ is now embedded in the logistics sector and plays a growing role right from a client’s order to the consignment’s arrival at its destination.

A recent PWC report showed that new technological advances continue unabated. New cutting-edge technologies like AI, AR and robotics, will soon underpin the delivery sectors core processes. Within a decade, the industry could look very different, especially for companies who embrace and invest in these technological advances. Although, as recently reported, this is not currently a priority for many operators.

Now it seems that technology is making further advances – right into the driver’s cabin. There’s a growing move towards implementing HGV in-cab cameras to observe delivery drivers and how consistently they are driving.

Driven To Distraction

The motivation for the use of in-cab cameras comes from a recent survey of HGV firms undertaken by Commercial Motor. They quizzed hauliers on their main anxieties about their drivers as they work their shifts. The study showed 34% of firms had concerns about drivers being distracted while on the road, which in extreme cases could be the cause of accidents and loss of, or damage, to consignments.

The survey found that 44% of respondents said they are actively considering the use of HGV in-cab cameras. These will be used to observe drivers for signs of fatigue or distraction. If these are indicated, controllers can take action. This could mean advising drivers to take a break, stop for a drink or rest for the night. Using these proactive approaches allied to HGV in-cab cameras, firms believe they can make a positive contribution to reducing on-road incidents.

The Ethics Of HGV In-Cab Cameras

The ethics of camera surveillance have been in the news a lot of late. Issues of invasion of driver privacy and the employer/employee bond of trust are all areas where the use of HGV in-cab cameras become problematic. How will drivers’ feel about being observed at all times at work? Will the tradeoff between safety and the right to privacy be a questionable nut to crack?

To some extent, the proof will come from how successful the use of HGV in-cab cameras is in reducing accidents and promoting driver safety. If there’s a definite link between the use of this technology and better safety outcomes, it may compel the Government to encourage the broader use of HGV in-cab cameras. This approach could soon become the norm in the HGV industry.

Positive Technology

The Truckcraft Team works hard to keep abreast of technological advances in the delivery sector. And of course, we have a dynamic R&D team developing our own tech’ approaches that will benefit our clients. Our team monitors all the innovations in the delivery sector and works hard to implement those ideas that are shown to add value. The jury’s currently out on HGV in-cab cameras, but our team will keep an eye on developments and design appropriate solutions should the industry decide that this is useful and desirable technology.

Only time will tell on this subject. We’ll keep you informed as the issues play out.

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Published: Sep 17

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