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Time To Retire Your Old Tyres?

Time To Retire Your Old Tyres?

The debate about the use of old tyres on larger vehicles has rolled on of late. We’re close to new laws that will mean the introduction of a 10-year-old tyre law for a wide range of vehicles using UK roads.

The move comes after several years of lobbying from the Tyred campaign. This pressure group formed in 2012 in response to a fatal accident caused by a coach using tyres that were nearly 20 years old. Tyred have worked hard to influence the Government to implement legal measures to prevent the use of old tyres on buses, coaches, lorries, and minibuses.

The DfT has decided to act and held a public consultation which concluded on 1st September. The proposed new framework and supporting guidelines are wide-ranging in scope. Interestingly part of the opinions being sought includes whether any old tyre laws should encompass private hire vehicles and taxis.

Whatever’s decided, it’s estimated that an old tyre ban could be introduced as early as 2020.

Old Tyres Banned For Safety Reasons

There are, of course, some obvious reasons for implementing a 10-year-old tyre law. Older rubber is subject to accelerated wear, potential tears, punctures and baldness. All these problems make old tyres particularly risky. These flaws can reduce grip, extend stopping distances and make them acutely prone to sudden failure. As was seen in 2012 and as recently as 2017, old tyre failures have caused fatal accidents.

It’s clear something needs to change. That’s why when introducing the consultation Road Safety Minister Michael Ellis commented:

“Our priority is keeping people safe on our roads, and we are taking action to reduce the number of people killed or injured. There is increasing evidence that age affects the safety of tyres, which is why I think older tyres should not be used on large vehicles.’

Time To Change

The new laws could prove to be onerous to commercial driving firms and expected a three-month delay would be put into place for firms to check their fleets for compliance. This is vital as the new law will include a requirement that a tyre’s age is clearly visible to enable ongoing spot checks. Doing this will take some time, especially for busy delivery firms.

Once the law is in place, there will be hefty fines for companies caught using old tyres on their vehicles. And when you consider that having a single defective tyre could carry a penalty of £2500 and three penalty points, it’s of huge importance that affected haulage and delivery firms make the changes necessary. Failure to do so could cost them dear.

The Truckcraft Way

Overall, the team at Truckcraft Bodies are entirely supportive of this move. We construct our trucks and vans to the highest standards of both quality and safety to offer a long productive life. We urge owners to ensure they look after their vehicles' tyres to ensure they are legal and safe. That way, delivery firms can avoid unnecessary fines related to 10-year-old tyre laws and be contributing to the safety of the UK’s roads.

We doubt few would disagree with that.

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Published: Sep 04

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