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Truckcraft At The TCS&D Show

Truckcraft At The TCS&D Show

This is the 5th Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution Exhibition. It’s a high-profile show and conference that showcases market-leading products and technology in the frozen and chilled foods and pharmaceutical sectors. It’s being held at the East of England Arena in Peterborough from 25th – 26th of June.

It’s the perfect event for the Truckcraft team to exhibit our new generation of delivery vehicles. We’re looking forward to meeting with existing and new clients and highlighting the specialised truck bodies we have developed for the frozen and chilled sector. Specifically, our new low-entry fridge that we have also entered into the TCS&D innovation awards.

Innovation In Action

Regular readers will know the Truckcraft team identified a gap in the market for a low-entry refrigerated vehicle. We collaborated with our partners at TRAILAR, to design a truly innovative product which is a boon to the temperature-controlled delivery sector. It’s packed with brilliant, market-leading features.

  • An aerodynamic body with the refrigeration unit incorporated within the fibreglass moulded Luton dome.
  • The specially designed bulkhead allows the front of the body to act as a freezer and the rear to act as a chiller.
  • A low body that makes the loading and unloading process much more efficient
  • The internal design can be tailored to suit varying needs with differing racking and shelving options available.
  • And our big USP is the roof panel fitted with TRAILAR solar technology. Roof-mounted solar panels and a uniquely designed charge controller helps to provide energy for the vehicle’s fridge or chiller unit.
  • Independent tests at Millbrook show the truck can deliver fuel savings of between 5% to 10%.

A Sustainable Solution

As a responsible company, Truckcraft Bodies are always looking to design products that help to reduce environmental impacts. By collaborating with TRAILAR, we have come up with a refrigerated vehicle that has clear sustainable benefits.

By using TRAILAR’s solar systems, our trucks harvest solar energy to power all ancillary equipment on the vehicle including the refrigeration. This feature reduces both fuel consumption and harmful emissions.

Our trucks are being made for a world where the environmental damage caused by fossil fuels is on everyone's mind. That’s why we have worked hard to design an intelligent product that is much more environmentally conscious than similar trucks.

Come And Meet Us

We’re looking forward to coming to the TCS&D show. If you’re attending, do pop by and say hello! We can show you our state of the art chilled and refrigerated trucks and demonstrate the clear benefits they can bring to your delivery business.

And we hope we can count on your support in the Innovation Awards. We’re very proud of the new generation of delivery vehicles we have designed, and we’re very optimistic that they’ll be recognised by the temperature controlled storage & distribution sector.

For more information on our attendance at the TSC&D Show or on our range of freezer or chiller trucks, please contact the Truckcraft Bodies sales team on 0161 304 9404. Alternatively, email or

Published: May 28

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