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TRAILAR Awarded Most Innovative Product At FTA Logistics Awards

TRAILAR Awarded Most Innovative Product At FTA Logistics Awards

In life, it’s so important to have loyal and trusted friends. People you can rely on to give you the help you need to meet your goals and solve problems. That’s why at Truckcraft Bodies we're pleased to have partnered with TRAILAR in the development of our new generation of delivery vehicles.

And with TRAILAR’s recent success in the Freight Transport Association (FTA) awards for the ‘most innovative product’ category, it’s great to know we’re using the very best solar technology a truck body builder company can source.

A Glittering Bash

On 13th December 2018, the TRAILAR team attended a glittering ceremony at the Lancaster Hotel in London to accept their award. Chris Grayling MP, Secretary of State for Transport made the presentations. In his speech, he praised the logistics sector for the crucial economic role it plays. He was particularly keen to say how vital the industry will be in managing the challenges that may arise as part of the Brexit process.

It’s No Surprise

Of course, TRAILAR’s success in the prestigious FTA awards came as no surprise to the Truckcraft team.

As a forward-thinking truck body builder, we quickly recognised the innovative approach and potential of TRAILAR’s solar technology in promoting fuel efficiency and minimising the environmental impact of our delivery vehicles. That’s why we were so keen to work with them in developing our product portfolio.

We were thrilled to launch the results of our collaboration with TRAILAR when we introduced our new solar-enabled 3.5-tonne refrigerated truck body. Aimed at the food and pharmaceutical sectors, these advanced vehicles will offer fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance and reliable service to these industries.

An Award Winning Product

Naturally, we were delighted to hear about TRAILAR’s FTA award. They deserve it for the hard work and care they have put into developing their advanced solar systems. We have sent them our warmest congratulations.

It goes without saying; the Truckcraft Team are equally pleased to know that our vehicles are built using award-winning technology as recognised by the FTA panel. That way our clients will see they are buying state of the art vehicles from one of the UK’s leading truck body builders. That’s what’s known as a ‘win, win’.

We look forward to doing more projects with the TRAILAR team. We aim to develop more market-leading trucks where fuel efficiency, ease of use and unparalleled durability will make us the envy of the truck body builders sector.

Here’s to many more awards and further industry recognition in 2019.

For more information or a demonstration of our new TRAILAR enabled vehicles, please contact the Truckcraft Bodies sales team on 0161 304 9404. Alternatively, email or

Published: Jan 15

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