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Premium Truck Bodies Expertly Crafted in the UK

We are Truckcraft Bodies and we build the best standard and bespoke truck bodies available in the UK. We work closely with our clients to design and produce a range of purpose-built vehicle bodies based on premium chassis and shells from a variety of leading vehicle manufacturers.

We are one of only a few companies able to adopt and adhere to 32 different vehicle type approvals. All our vehicle bodies are quality assured to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

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VCA Approved Product

Expertise Across A Huge Range of Delivery Vehicles

The Truckcraft Team live and breathe quality. We craft every vehicle that leaves our workshop with dedication and an eye for the smallest detail. Our team are fully experienced in over 32 different types of commercial chassis. We know how to construct and install a vast range of purpose-built truck bodies resulting in a long-lasting vehicle that serves many business uses.

Our team are so confident in the quality of our vans and trucks we offer extended warranties across our entire vehicle range.

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Get Up To 5% Fuel Savings And Reduced Emissions with TRAILAR

With our new generation of delivery vans and trucks.

We’ve partnered with TRAILAR to provide the option of solar technology with our truck bodies. Ultra-thin, solar matting is fitted to the vehicle's roof panel and connected to the battery. This generates free solar energy that powers a variety of onboard systems.

And the great news is we can retrofit this innovative technology to existing trucks.

Using this system an average-sized fleet of haulage and transport vehicles can achieve a 5% reduction in fuel costs. That can quickly add up to significant fuel savings.


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As a leading Truck Body builder we offer 32+ Vehicle Type approvals

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Product Feature

Easy Access and Standard Access Refrigerated Bodies

Truckcraft Bodies are proud to present our new platform cab refrigerated and freezer bodies. These unique trucks are a stylish new addition to the Truckcraft product range. With enhanced ease of access, these vans make for efficient deliveries of chilled food and pharmaceuticals, especially in and around city centres.

The refrigerated bodies are designed to offer a massive payload capacity, and the aerodynamic design promotes fuel efficiency. The bodies can be fitted with our exciting new solar technology developed in conjunction with our commercial partner, TRAILAR.

This innovative product offers fantastic fuel efficiency benefits alongside other market leading features such as reduced maintenance costs and lower CO2 emissions.

Body specifications are: 3800mm length, 2070mm or 2200mm overall width.

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